What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

Myofascial Release Therapy is an extremely effective hands-on technique that works by applying gentle, sustained pressure to eliminate pain and restore flexibility and motion to the fascia (connective tissue).

The science behind Myofascial Release states that fascia is a densely woven sheath that interpenetrates and “houses” every muscle, bone, vein, nerve and all of our internal organs including the spinal cord.  A good visualization is a spider web that in effect holds everything together in a neat package connecting every part of the body to every other part of the body.

In its natural healthy state, the fascia is relaxed and has the flexibility to stretch and move without undue restriction. If however, there has been physical trauma to the body or scarring, the normally pliable fascia becomes tight and restricted, causing tension throughout the rest of the body. This condition is sometimes referred to as Myofascial pain syndrome.

Myofascial therapy is intuitive; it is effortless and applicable for all clients and it addresses all levels of the human structure: physical, emotional and mental. It will also help you, as therapist, to avoid burnout from overwork. 

Techniques Shiang uses during her massage sessions

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