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Embarking on Your Soul’s Journey:

Earth Heart *ET Heart Healing Project

Class Overview and Schedule (below)

Earth Heart ~ "Undoo the Goo"

1. The Power of Love

  • The healing heart journey in the physical, emotional and energetic realms
  • Brain and heart connection
  • Techniques for releasing the lower vibrations trapped in the heart
  • The concept of heart fire and “Ayni” (“reciprocal” love) ~ where the magic is initiated
  • How to work with the magic to manifest

2. The Channel of 3 Portals overview

  • 3 primal energy centers ~ belly, heart, and forehead

    i. Belly - present moment;
    ii. Heart - Ayni and maintenance;
    iii. Forehead - portal for ascension
  • The 3 primal energy centers vs. the 7 chakra concept

    i. Portals to manifestation

3. The Lab Work - Pilgrimage journey - heart fire transformation

  • Exercises only
  • Activities to facilitate the ascension process from the present moment to the 5th dimension and beyond

The *ET Heart - working with tools from higher dimensions

The heart becomes lighter after releasing lower vibrations in your energy field. The next step is to utilize a different set of healing tools to allow the heart to open and connect with the higher powers (e.g., spirit guides, angelic beings, and the "good ETs") more effectively.


4. Healing Harmonics: Soul Frequency, Sound Healing tools, and a Little Concert

  • Basic sound healing concepts
  • Home note and soul frquency
  • 4 parts of the brain and 5 different brain waves
  • Sound healing tools and Chi Kung healing sounds and movements
  • Reflection of the individual soul's journey - a little concert
5. The Lab Work - a soul's pilgrimage of the heart fire transformation frequency


6. The Portal of Ascension: Working with the 3rd Eye click here for flyer

  • Bring the vibration of love and humanity upward from the center of your deep heart space
  • Raise the vibration at a spiritual level to increase personal and global consciousness
  • Activation, exercises, prayer map, prayer route, frequency work, basic maintenance
  • Metaphysical development of the 3rd eye

7. Entering the Midway Point: A Paradigm Shift Journey and Beyond click here for flyer

  • How to identify the emotional state in the present moment
  • The healing power of aromatherapy
  • The very personal journey before conception to your birth event and beyone via sacred dance
  • Bring Energy upward to the third eye for prayers and to connect with the higher realms
  • Re-enter the earth with a different perspective
  • More advanced shamanic skills for deepening the third eye development practice

8. Becoming a Cosmic Dancer click here for flyer

  • Recheck your heart state
  • Become a heart shaman
  • Work with the burning man concept
  • Connect with the source of your power
  • Secrets of obtaining your power in the light
  • Reminders of who you are and where you come from
  • Utilize frequency tools to help you reach the level of the ascension
  • Journey forward to change your destiny

9. Earth Healing Shamanically: Working with the Healing via Ceremony click here for flyer

  • Learn from firsthand healing experience to purify and uplift the emotional and energetic heart
  • Learn how to create an active prayer mandala via personal inner journey
  • Learn the basic information on types of ceremony and how to prepare a ceremony before, during and afterwards
  • Helpful resources

 Workshop name                    Date                    Time                      Place

1. The Power of Love           3/24/18              1 pm-4 pm            Pathways of Grace
2. The Channel of 3 Portals   4/21/18              1 pm-4 pm            Pathways of Grace
3. The Lab Work                  5/19/18             1 pm-3 pm             Pathways of Grace
4. Healing Harmonics          No scheduled information available 
5. The Lab Work                No scheduled information available
6. The Portal of Ascension  2/2/19          1 pm-3:30 pm    Pathways of Grace 
7. Entering the Midway Point 2/16/19        1 pm-3:30 pm    Pathways of Grace
8. Becoming a Cosmic Dancer 3/2/19          1 pm-3:30pm   Pathways of Grace
9. Earth Healing Shamanically  2/1/2020  1:30 pm-4:30pm 
               location will be notified separately when time is closer        
To register, please RSVP Shiang Chen-Willians at 602-463-1079


For more information, please contact:

Shiang Chen-Williams, MA, LMT

Ayni Healing Oasis, LLC



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